Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~ Roger Caras

Billy is now BIS BISS GCH Fieldfines Pure Gold, JH


Silver Lake GSP, located in Oklahoma City, are breeders with the goal of raising the all around German Shorthaired Pointer. We are proud owners of BIS BISS GCH Fieldfines Pure Gold, JH (Billy). BIS BISS GCH Fieldfines Pure Gold (Billy)We are also delighted that three of Billy's pups are also pure gold!
CH SilverLakes Perrier Jouet
GCH SilverLakes Taittinger Millesime and
GCH SilverLakes Moet Chandon

Just about everyone loves dogs. We love dogs with great passion, as well as tremendous humility for what they add to our lives.  We love every aspect of what they bring to us; joy in obedience titles, a tear while doing therapy work, excitement watching the collies herd, and the phenomenal beauty of field work with our GSP’s. 

What we love most of all is the quite sofa time that calms our hearts. In return, we try to give our dogs the time to do what they were bred to do, to be dogs and enjoy the freedom to run free on their land.

We know they love us in return by being in our home everyday, teaching us how to be with each other and others. They also remind us everyday how important it is to have a good sense of humor when you live with a pack of dogs!

We do not come to the breed with years of history, breeding, and showing sporting dog experience of our own. We do come with a lifetime of experience and breeding from Dot and Bill Simberlund and Dorthea Vooris-Hand of Fieldfine Kennels. We have begun with the finest example of the breed standard we could find. We offer great thanks to the family from which we received our start. We will always be indebted to them for trusting us with their wonderful dogs and their name. We could not ask for better mentors than the Fieldfine Family.

At Silverlake we believe in positive reinforcement training. If you live in Oklahoma we highly recommend Full Circle Obedience School in Oklahoma City for the building blocks of a well adjusted dog.  If you live south of Oklahoma City we recommend the Canine Sports Academy.

We encourage you to return soon (and often) to see our progress and to check in with what is happening with BIS BISS GCH Fieldfines Pure Gold, JH (Billy) and our other rising stars!

Please feel free to contact us
Gary and Barbara McNeill,
SilverLake Kennels, Oklahoma City, OK


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